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2018-2019 Broadcast Schedule

George Ranch Longhorn Varsity Girls Basketball

DateOpponentLocationTipoffAirtimeAudioFinal Score
November 20, 2018Clear LakeGeorge Ranch HS1:00pm12:40pmGame AudioL(41-43)
December 3, 2018PaetowGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioW(70-26)
December 14, 2018PearlandGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm
December 18, 2018BrazoswoodGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm
January 8, 2019Pearland DawsonGeorge Ranch HS5:00pm4:40pm
January 25, 2019Alief HastingsGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm
January 29, 2019Alief TaylorGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm
February 5, 2019Alief ElsikGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm

George Ranch Longhorn Varsity Boys Basketball

DateOpponentLocationTipoffAirtimeAudioFinal Score
November 27, 2018TompkinsGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioW (45-43)
December 4, 2018Houston FurrGeorge Ranch HS7:30pm7:10pmGame AudioW (61-59)
December 7, 2018FosterGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pmNo AudioCancelled
December 11, 2018KatyGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm
December 14, 2018TravisAntionette Reading JH7:00pm6:40pm
December 21, 2018Alief HastingsGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm
December 31, 2018Cinco RanchGeorge Ranch HS1:00pm12:40pm
January 4, 2019Alief TaylorGeorge Ranch HS3:00pm2:40pm
January 11, 2019Alief ElsikGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm
January 18, 2019PearlandGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm
January 22, 2019BrazoswoodGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm
February 1, 2019Pearland DawsonGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm
February 8, 2019Strake JesuitGeorge Ranch HS7:00pm6:40pm

George Ranch Longhorn Varsity Baseball

DateOpponentLocationStartAirtimeAudioFinal Score

George Ranch Longhorn Varsity Football

DateOpponentLocationKickoffAirtimeAudioFinal Score
August 31, 2018DickinsonTraylor Stadium7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioL (8-38)
September 7, 2018Clear LakeChallenger Columbia7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioW(24-27)
September 15, 2018Clear SpringsTraylor Stadium6:00pm5:40pmGame AudioL (28-42)
September 28, 2018BrazoswoodHopper Field7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioW(14-48)
October 4, 2018Alief HastingsTraylor Stadium7:00pm6:40pmNo AudioL (20-35)
October 12, 2018Alief TaylorTraylor Stadium7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioW (18-14)
October 19, 2018Pearland DawsonThe Rig7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioL (33-14)
October 25, 2018Alief ElsikTraylor Stadium7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioW(35-6)
November 2, 2018Strake JesuitClay Stadium7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioL (34-7)
November 9, 2018PearlandTraylor Stadium7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioL (7-28)

LCISD Game of the Week

SportDateHome TeamVisiting TeamLocationStart TimeAirtimeAudioFinal
FootballSeptember 14, 2018TerryLamar ConsolidatedTraylor Stadium7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioLCHS 26 - Terry 23
FootballSeptember 21, 2018FulshearSweenyTraylor Stadium7:30pm7:10pmGame AudioFulshear 14 - Sweeny 51
FootballOctober 5, 2018TerryFosterTraylor Stadium7:00pm6:40pmGame AudioFoster 31 - Terry 7
FootballOctober 20, 2018FosterAngletonTraylor Stadium1:00pm12:40pmNo BroadcastAngleton 43 - Foster 17